Business Advisory & Virtual CFO

Businesses require strong financial leadership in order to succeed in today’s challenging business environment. The financial costs associated with employing a fulltime chief financial officer (CFO) in your organisation is at times difficult to justify but is exactly what is required to assist in shaping your overall business strategy and direction.

The role of today’s CFO has become diverse and challenging and is no longer only focused on the minimisation of risk or the running of an efficient and effective finance department.  CFO’s are increasingly becoming strategists who can instil a financial approach and way of thinking throughout an organisation that will assist in improving business performance.

How We Can Assist You

Our team of advisers will provide your organisation with access to individuals who possess the unique skill sets of a CFO who will work in partnership with you to achieve your business goals. We can tailor the level of our involvement to suit your business requirements and budget.

We Provide The Following Services:

Review and analysis of your financial position

Business restructuring and reorganisation

Budgeting and cashflow forecasting

Business plan preparation

Risk minimisation

Business mentoring

Succession planning

Estate planning

Organisation of board meetings including attendance and facilitation

Company secretarial